total Woman Industries 03

Sheldon sat at the conference table in an office high-rise in Mumbai sipping spiced chai tea. He was listening to the Nehru-jacketed officer in the Indian computer company with him again and again on the accuracy and stability of computer-aided manufacturing software provided. ‘ve Heard it all before but let not man ramble on. When the speaker has reached a pause, Sheldon raised his head and asked his question.

“Can you give me long, you’re the best, but show me some examples or links tell the whole day.”

“Sahib Sheldon, it is almost impossible to do. You have the most advanced robots in the world, state-of-the-art and cutting edge. Nobody else is using something accurate. Worked hard for the program to meet your specifications., But the only way to try to use them with their robots. “

Sheldon looked at the Indira his host country guide and interpreter. It was organized by his wife, Krista, to accompany him on this journey. Indira was a splash of color in the room. While everyone else wore black and gray business, she shone in his costume pastel silk sari: orange, pink, blue and yellow. The fabrics were loosely packed but could still say that it is well filled. Her eye shadow was murky and her lips red fire.

In addition to its function as a protocol guide and interpreter, Indira was with him on a journey to Sheldon stress. During the long flight back to the corporate jet TWI, Indira famously played several mitigate Sheldon when he got too finished his engineering studies and Ponderings. Right now, Sheldon was feeling stressed. He longed for one of the spectacular fire engine red Smoking is Indira.

Sheldon stood. “I have heard your arguments and understand the risks that you have to stay ahead. Allow me to guide you through your time and we will meet again tomorrow.’s Been a long day and I need a break. With your permission, gentlemen?”

“Of course, Sahib. May God grant that your slumbers be peaceful and satisfying.”

Sheldon certainly hoped so.

TownCar then through the busy streets of Mumbai to the oasis of five star hotel. Sheldon dispense with the illusion of working distance between the employer and the employee and ordered one of the largest apartment bed. Crews sent their luggage and waiting in their suite. Indira unpacked her clothes and placed them inside the room service issued a sampling of curry delicacies. Preview dinner menu featured everything but beef; cattle were sacred Hindu culture. Pork is also missing reconcile with interwoven Muslims.

The dining room served a sumptuous repasse: lamb with all accompanying attachments. Sheldon glanced around the room through a post-dinner chai. It was more informal setting, but Indira was still glowing in their silk wraps. There were other pairs well dressed in expensive clothes, but Sheldon barely noticed. Indira was relieved by a hand job in the shower before dinner, but he was still tense. Indira could say.

“Sahib Sheldon, I think, that you are over forged these actions and decisions. Indians are masters of programmers., I’m sure it will meet your needs in the end.”

“Probably, but it’s still a risk. Upstarts are programming in this case. Economic upstarts But as our limited funding at present, they must be careful effort.”

“They will follow. My Indians were programmers for millennia.”

“Millennium? Computers have only been around for several decades, perhaps centuries, when they include early loom controls. Millennium?”

Indira holding ground. “Yes, a millennium.’ve Never heard of the Kama Sutra?’s Programming and operation manual for love and sex.’s Millennium old, first written in ancient Sanskrit.” She Sheldon’s “Gotcha” look and message. “At your direction, I performed oral sex and digital for you. But there is much more that my culture has to offer. Kama Sutra We take seriously. Teaches all ages of men how to be truly intimate with their wives and stabilize our family. This is a beautiful and successful completion of the program. “

Sheldon finished chai and rose. “Well, I’m game. Prove it.”

Indira slowly stood up and spread his hands wrapped sari as a newly blooming flowers. Her hand settled on his. Sheldon and Indira walked into the atrium. They took a glass cage elevator to their floor. Indira slid across the carpet, her invisible sari draped legs to propel it forward. Sheldon eager to lock in their suite.

Indira off her light blue scarf, revealing his jet black hair held in a bun behind her head. She slipped off her sandals. She went to the interference carpet to Sheldon and loosened his tie and belt. The buttons are as follows. Shirt shivered and his pants fell to the carpet. Eventually his boxers and sox joined the growing pile. Sheldon stood naked. There was nothing new for Indira behold, she is no longer seen, felt or tasted.

She helped Sheldon is on his knees on the carpet. Positioned like, put your hands in front, palms, fingers straightened up. She ran her fingers through his eyelids, signaling him to close it. Indira is a similar pose and began whispering hum in the neck. Sheldon opened one eye to look and saw it clearly in deep meditation. He closed his eyes and listened. Tones brought him peace peace felt before. He noticed that his breathing slowed.

Sheldon tried to make it sound Indira. His voice was deep, but the vibration touched his neck and chest with ease. His constant torment, low grade tension headaches disappeared in action. His shoulders relaxed. He felt movement, a swinging or rocking in his upper body. He opened his eyes. He held steady as a rock. Indira moved to tone an octave. Sheldon continued his low tone.

Indira stopped making noise and opened her eyes. Sheldon looked at her. She motioned for him to continue down to cost. She put the free end of the sari between her hands and began the slow rotation when backed, unwrapped the saffron-colored cloth from her body. It reached the limit of its length and flapped off the ground. She returned to Sheldon and placed second in the silk wrap his hands. Her second twirling unwrapped type of fabric, pastel green this time. Abdominal and shoulder skin appeared. Last wrap was light blue, as well as her head scarf. It is covered thighs. Then she danced, and it did not anymore. Sheldon saw Indira completely naked, but she looked extremely exotic in her dark blue pants and midriff shirt. She was athletically fit with the definition and muscle tone. Indira returned to his place in front of Sheldon, kneeling upright as before. She pulled his hand on the hem shirt. Sheldon saw a picked-covering clothing off his chest and over his head. Her breasts bounced and settled, generous ball, natural dark areoles. Their color matched her eye shadow; the nubs closed lips. Sheldon put his hands on the soft slopes above.

Indira hand and undid her hair pin. Black strands fell loose and cascaded almost to the floor in her knees into the pose. Sheldon put his hands on hips and leaned in. She ran the tip of her nose, keeping steady eye contact. Sheldon was too fascinated to look away. When he felt her hand on his penis, he broke the gaze and looked down. He grew up hard, without realizing it. His erection stood tall, proud and full, encased in Indira palm.

Undressing ritual had one ceremony. Indira gracefully stood up and pulled the panties off; presents her bare vagina covering distribute meat to their eye level. Sheldon could not keep tactile connection with her breasts when Indira rose, but there was a new ground to explore. He spread her outer lips with his thumbs and saw the shiny inner lips against her cunt tubes. He leaned over and planted a lingering kiss on the wet red folds. It just felt like the natural thing to do. Strawberries; Indira sometime today to douched with strawberry flavor cleanser. He licked along the folds and licked his lips. He would ask her later about other available flavors.

He looked up and stared at him with a smile, but with a focus on the face. She held his head as he slid down to his attitude. Full mouth followed. They did not play or probe. It was a quiet, persistent connection wet lips, he opened his mouth. Sheldon closed his eyes and felt his body was rocking again. Indira stopped kissing, but remained close. She reattached hand on his erection, use a pin to guide him to the bed.

Indira put Sheldon on Wednesday, sitting sideways so he could see how the entire side wall of mirrors. Another was for him. She put it, legs folded under and put his butt on his heels. His erection was a spike in the thigh shelf. She crawled forward and sat on his lap, folding legs for his ass, locking ankles. His erection pressed against her belly; her breasts pressed against his chest. His arms locked behind his head and saw his hands in the mirror, planted on the back bottom. He hit the face, testing their strength.

Indira sat up, running her nipples on his chest neck. She locked eyes Sheldon reflected in the mirror and nodded. Sheldon uses his hand to point his penis to her opening and Indira relaxed, burying deep Sheldon. She settled her ass and stay calm. Sheldon felt contractions around his penis; then another. Indira was gripping vagina muscles, pressing his body with it. Increased pressure. Sheldon bounced his hips, thinking that the stroke would further stimulation. But Indira calmed him caress a look. She was just getting started.

Sheldon watched Indira reflected wiggle fingers on the soles of the feet. Clamping pressure is increased. He was feeling hot blood rushing everywhere: head, groin, legs. His fingers trembled. Then the soles of the feet trembled. Static electricity in the nerves crossed ankles and legs. His head was light. He hugged Indira stability. His chest was throbbing with difficult breathing. Sheldon was afraid to attack, but in fact is the heart beat more peacefully, he had in years. Its core was hot and suddenly muscles clenched around his prostate, seminal fluid squeezed out through the urethra to the penis, blasting out to Indira damp cave. Sheldon saw a flash of light and sparks under his closed eyelids.

They lay on the side where they fell over, legs still tangled inside. Sheldon was softer erections, but not completely melted. Indira holding his head and gave out a moan whispered that began this sample of ancient Indian tradition of love. Sheldon asleep; peaceful and satisfying sleep, as his company hosts prayed, yes.

twins Saved By Nudity Ch 22

He continued singing and drinking. All were merry.

Leif said, “Ladies, some of you have received your bracelets,” Leif smiled at Abby. “And some of you do not.” Leif looked at Brenda and Janet.

“I want you all to be a pretty bauble home with them. There is one more event in which you can get a bracelet., And the Lord your participation, you will be able to take home a Viking Beer Stein.”

Leif led all around the corner, which was set up five sets of songs. The tracks consisted of twins runners that were slightly tilted begins passport maximum. Apple sat on the low end and taste beer stein sat on the top end. Leif raised decorative beer stein and said

“Gentleman, all you have to do is return the apple to rise and your partner leaves with gold bauble and you will take home this handsome tankard. Easy enough.”

“Here are the teams. Ragnar and Janet. Ingrid and Tyler. Thor and Beth. Idris and Brenda and Abby and me. Rules are simple. Ladies, you can promote your man any way you see fit. Only a person can and can not touch apple touch it with hands, feet, arms or legs or head, fingers, toes … “

Ragnar screamed, “Damn, Leif.’re Putting everything else you accept our spleen, why did you tell us how we should move?”

“No, brother, you can use the second encore … your” little sword “I am convinced that the Romans called it.” See only blank stares Leif said, “Use your penis …. I would speculate that the harder penis better it will perform its work.”

The men laughed, except Idris. He was a shy man, still a virgin, who came from conservative culture. No man in his village by everyone thinks whipping his penis before any woman who was not his wife.

Tyler was drunk. He said: “I am,” and pulled off his pants. Ragnar Thor and cheered and did the same. Within seconds, three of them were naked. Ingrid looking healthy pendant Tyler smiled.

Janice really desirable bracelet, but hesitated. She just met Ragnar. Now he had to give him hard? Ragnar smiled warmly at Janice and told

“Let’s show the kids that there is still some life in us old folks.”

Janice nervously to Ragnar’s eyes. Her eyes fell and she viewed his thick semi-erect penis. He looked like he had the potential to be stronger than Tom satisfaction stump. She licked her lips and nodded.

Beth let out loud “Whoop,” and he smiled at Thor. It was a game. He was handsome and she was more than willing to become better acquainted with him and his manhood. Beth with all her clothes. Thor in her tight body and pink-tipped breasts smiled approvingly.

Leif Abby leaned in and whispered, “My dear, do not participate. Are you all ready won his bracelet.”

However, Brenda had other ideas. It is strongly tugged Leif pants and shouted, “Let’s party!” Chagrinned, Leif looked at Abby with his pants and underwear around his ankles and his dick swinging in the wind. No doubt about it. Strong birds ran in the family.

Not wanting to be a party pooper, but mostly want to explain how she had earned her bracelet, Abby mouthed “it’s okay”, and Leif help remove all your clothes.

Idris was the last man standing with clothes on. Brenda turned to him. She smiled and took off her top exposing her tanned tits. She was surprised not to join in on the mass nudity when she saw the look of fear and anxiety on his face. She reassured him, saying:

“Idris, do not worry. I will do, we will win.”

Idris did not hear her. It was awe struck; jaw dropped; His eyes faded. He looked at her breasts. He had never seen a white woman’s breasts.

“Oh, I get it. This is a new experience for you,” Brenda said, and laughed. She supported so that her breasts bounce and jiggle her partner for fun. She whispered in his ear,

“Will you help me win a bracelet and I promise you will have more than the sight of the goods.” Brenda rubbing her breasts on his chest. She reached out and grabbed his crotch and felt his swollen package.

Brenda cried out: “Oh!’m Not a big man. Uncage Let the beast!”

Brenda knelt down, unzipped his pants and helped him undress. His company 9 “penis hit her on the cheek. She caught it in his mouth and began to suck it as she stroked his balls. Brilliant white color Indris” teeth contrasted sharply with his black as coal face. It was the first time any woman touched him sexually.

The rest of the group is encouraged. Brenda loved the feeling of his big dick in her mouth. In a few seconds Idris groaned and Brenda felt a twist. He shot his load into her throat before he had a chance to stop. Brenda was disappointed by his hair trigger.

“First time?” she asked. He nodded.

Brenda said, “Show me the resistance you young men are blessed and I promise you the night to remember forever.” She began stroking his penis, hoping that would get his hardness before the event. She paused for just a few seconds it took her to finish undressing. She again started its manual handling, while she introduced Indris “hand in warm, humid box.

Leif said, “Idris and Brenda got an idea. Ladies, I give you all a few minutes to prepare your partner and then roll the apple begins.

Beth immediately went to his knees and swallowed Thor. When sucked cock, he fondled her breasts. Agreeing with both partners groaned.

Ragnar raised his eyebrows and looked for interrogation Janice. She nodded and took it into her mouth. When “hoovered” him, unbuttoned her blouse. Her big tits spilled forth. Ragnar grabbed one and playing with her nipples as Janet tried to work his thick tool in and out of his mouth.

Ingrid removed all her clothes. Akt, backed into Tyler, bent over and pushed her ass into his crotch. She reached between her legs and caught his erection. She began to rub against her wet pussy lips. Tyler grabbed her hips and pulled strongly into it. Ingrid gasped loudly as his cock found its mark. They fucked under the stars in front of their husbands.

Since everyone is fully engaged, Abby felt compelled to join in. She gingerly reached out and grabbed her boyfriend’s father penis. She hesitantly patted him that he will have an erection. Leif did not seem that he and Abby will have another meeting for adventure in the bathroom, but not the greater use of a beautiful young woman.

Leif Abby whispered, “you know that I’m ready to cum all night. If you want to get back the old man harshly, I need more stimulation. Take off your clothes.”

Abby gave him a puzzled look and thoughtlessly began removing her clothes. When he bent over to get out of its gaucho pants, Leif reached out and pulled her thong. He smiled as her fresh young pussy came into view. Abby took the thong completely off.

Leif came up behind her and grabbed her hips in the same way, Tyler held Ingrid. He pressed his thigh against her soft thighs and his penis in her ass. He said

“I’m sorry, I can not get it as fast as I did when I was twenty. If you want to avoid smoke, I think I can get by with little contact. Stay down, and everyone will think I m doing you well as Tyler is now banging Ingrid. “

Abby was terrified when she felt his cock against her bare bottom. She was worried that he might ask to suck his dick. She did not have to explain smoking at Tom. Some pretend to tolerate a humping in my mind, it’s pretty innocent, she did not feel obligated to tell her boyfriend.

Leif stroking her beautiful heart-shaped ass. He saw her yesterday, naked ass fucked being Tyler. His manhood began to grow. Soon it was embedded in his youth pussy lips. He felt warm and very quickly felt the moisture of her pussy when sliced ​​his penis between her heavy rubber lugs.

Abby felt her sex. She could feel the heat and fluid building up “down there” as Leif Dick rubbing pussy and hit her clit. She was helpless to stop her state of arousal. Her body trembled as Abby mind unsuccessfully fought to control his hedonistic body.

Abby pleaded, “Leif, please …”

Leif was overwhelmed with passion when he heard her beg. He grabbed her hips pulling a short girl on tiptoe. He dropped his haunches on the level and drove his rigid in its sweet spot, impaling her in one motion. Both deep moan. Abby saw stars and felt the enormity of his penis to fill it completely. Both exclaimed, “Oh my God!.

Abby means “Oh my God., This amazing feeling.” Leif years after fucking his wife free 50 years pussy was pleased leaks and moisture from Abby pussy. However, immediately had regrets. He was overcome with guilt. That was the girlfriend of his son. Leif meant scream “Oh my God, I did not do it.”

Leif quickly pulled out. Abby let out another groan. This time, it was one of disappointment. Leif was sweating and scared.

Brenda and Indris was watching everyone with an interest. Young African was hard again. Brenda appreciate its size and hardness. She thought that the smooth black rod contrasts well with its delicate white hand.

Now that her partner was again heavy, Brenda wanted to finish the task before again blew his load. Brenda spoke

“Leif, everyone is ready. Let’s play this game and then we can get down to more serious business.”

“Uhh … Hmmm. Yeah,” Leif worked to regain his composure. “Gentleman, take your position and let the competition begin. Tyler, start us off.”

Tyler pulled the bird out Ingrid much to her regret and paste it into the apples. His hard cock glistening with her juices. Tyler stiff cock had no problem rolling apple uphill as the crowd cheered.

All men complete the task.

Leif said, “Well, as I hoped and expected. Women’s bracelets are yours. Gentleman mugs are your parting gift …”

Ingrid interrupted, “Everybody let’s finish this page in the living room. There is plenty of room and sofas, chairs and cushions.”

As everyone made their way inside, some more willing than others, Ingrid make sure they are completely naked before they get to the house ..

Ingrid saw Janice hesitant and said, “Janice, you Ragnar full staff. Speaking from experience, you will not believe how well his thick penis until it stretching pussy.”

Ingrid Janice pushed down on the couch. As Janice fell to her back, down to her breasts smacking her chin. Janice blushed profusely as Ingrid held her legs apart showing her wet pussy to everyone in the room. Ingrid dipped two fingers into the honey pot and Janice brought her tangy cunt juice into her mouth.

“Mmmm … Ragnar, died at her. Never felt pussy so hot and so wet. If you do not have to fuck right now, I’m coming up to me on the strap.”

Under the influence of alcohol Tyler blinked a good mood Ragnar pushed to his mother. Again Ragnar raised his eyebrows and gave Janice the questioning look. Janice did not hesitate this time. She

“I can not deny the obvious. Want you. I need you. Ragnar, shit.”

The room erupted in cheers.

Beth pulled Thor on the floor at her. He got her missionary style for kissing. Ingrid Tye put on his back and slid his hardness. She squatted on his feet hips. She bounced up and down to drive his steely cock deep into her hungry vagina.

Brenda was fine with Indris. She led him into the corner and lay down with her knees spread. “Put your big black dick in my tight white pussy. Now!” She asked. He smiled broadly and slowed to 9 inches throbbing penis into her sex.

“Do not worry about them Indris. Just fuck me,” he hissed Brenda.

Leif sat in a chair. Carefully crossed his legs, trying to hide his erection. He decided to quietly watch the performances. He knew that the more sex with Abby than he deserved today. He hoped that what he did could ruin things for his son, Tom.

Abby came Leif. She stood before him unembarrassed. Her thighs are shiny secretions Leif is brought earlier. Her pink nipples were hard exclamation pointed to her beautiful, young, firm breasts emphasized her state of arousal. Leif first drank in the heady view and then forced himself to look away.

Abby saw that Leif was now pulling back. She put her hands behind her back, rocked back and forth on her toes and shyly said in a small school girl voice

“I know you’ve been avoiding me. Now that I’ve had a taste, I want more. Want to feel you in me. Stretched me so well. Leif, give it to me again and again and again until I pass out.”

He smiled. Redemption! Abby came forward and straddled his lap. He took the offered breast into his mouth and sucked. On her delight when she pulled the sting of his full, and then repeat the process with the other eye. Abby fingers herself. She knew he would need all the lubrication could muster to handle his penis as a fireplug.

When he judged her weeping hole is ready, Abby grabbed his hard rod and pierced vagina with it. She pushed him back to the big upholstered chair and rode him hard. His short thick penis was cast as the key to it. Almost immediately she felt the lighting bolts coming out of her sex.

Idris was the first to cum. With a loud sigh and body trembling shook her spewed his seed into Brenda. Brenda is a contracting vaginal muscles milk young man penis.

Tyler looked at African screw his wife. Seeing another man fuck his wife excited him to come soon after Idris did. Ingrid and Brenda enjoyed the sex, but both were left unsatisfied.

Ingrid called Brenda “Brenda, do you want to suck her husband’s sperm from my pussy?”

“Get back to the blonde slut. I’ll eat until you scream and you are going to do the same for me.”

“That sounds good. Allow me to taste the Nigerian jism.”

Ingrid lie on her back and spread her legs. Brenda climbed on her and bi-women began 69ing each other.

Tyler and Indris looked with amazement.

Thor was pleasantly plowing Beth, but it was not enough for her. Beth sexy whispered in his ear: “I want you to fuck my ass.”

“May I?” Thor asked in a hoarse voice. He could not believe the girl. It was a hot and sexy and brimming with surprises.

Beth playfully pushed him out of it. Beth placed himself by leaning over the edge of the couch. She rubbed her juices on her anus. She told Thor

“Scoop up cum and pussy juice from Brenda and put it on and in my ass.”

Thor broke lesbians, Ingrid and Brenda to score the slippery mixture. He applied it to the Beth Brown.

“That’s good. Slowly work your finger in your ass.”

Thor tentatively did as he was ordered. He had never played with much less fucked a girl in the ass before. Beth moaned in agreement and moved her finger in her ass to drive deeper.

“Add a second finger,” Beth moaned.

Thor did. It’s never been so hard.

“Hmmm. I’m ready. Slid his big, hard dick in the ass,” said Beth.

Thor carefully lined the head of his swollen penis with her little brown hole. He was amazed to see that slip inside Beth’s ass. Beth spread halves at him and shook him back to drive steel penis into her anal canal. She paused when he was completely inside

“Lover, let me enjoy this moment,” Beth hissed through clenched teeth.

Thor was impressed. The sight of his big dick in the ass teenager was incredible. The feeling of tightness of her sphincter clutching his erection was incredible. Thor’s heart was pounding.

“Well, baby I’m ready. Lets fuck,” Beth cried out.

Thor was hesitant until he saw negligence on Beth. He began to pound her as Beth cried,

“Fuck me. Fuck off! Yes … Yes … Oh God, I’m cumming.”

Beth cried. Thor shouted. Both had a wild orgasm. Thor pumped load after load of courage to Beth tight little ass.

Ragnar is slowing down, intentionally pleasuring Janice. Janice was a loving unhurried pace and excellent thickness of his penis. He brought her to the brink of orgasm several times. When he felt he was close, would cease. He repeated the process. Every time it would step up its desires and feelings with her to the next level. Janice was teased and tortured, but he was in heaven.

Ragnar appreciate the curves of a woman’s body underneath. His ability to excite her in and out of his and her pleasure was proof of his ability. However, he was only human. When Beth was screaming in orgasmic ecstasy that triggered something in him. He picked up the pace. Ragnar and Janice climax together.

Brenda and Ingrid orgasm soon followed. Everyone was fucked and licked each was experienced lesbian lover. Waves of pleasure radiated through their bodies as they withdrew pleasure.

The smell of sex, and men’s cum leaking from horny women, was heavy in the hot air in the living room. Other monuments that have sex and moans, groans and screams were too much for Abby. Her pussy convulsed on Leif’s Stumpy puncture causing an orgasm. He shot a hot load into her vagina and she basked in the glory of a huge orgasm.

Crowd rest. As Leif cuddled with Abby whispered,

“Tom never need to know tonight.”

“Oh, but he will, and I’ll be the one to tell him.”

Leif was shocked. He said

“Do you think that’s wise?” He was concerned that his son would hate him. It was shown in the expression.

Abby laughed, “Tom and I were totally honest with each other. Interest I see the look on your face.’s Right, you have to pay the price for having sex with me.”

Abby paused to bother older man, before continuing

“An eye for an eye … I think Tom will be required to have sex … his wife!”

tinkle Bell Ch 17

As it turned out, we were just in time for the big finale. I caught up with Bella close to the terrace, two of us then make our way through the large sliding glass doors. As well as the usual case, the curtains were not drawn up leaving us wide clear view of the entire family room just outside. I laughed quietly to see four of them, in fact, lies on top of a pool table valued dad. The fact that they were told a lot. Doreen was on his back, and while it took a while to realize it, daddy cock was embedded in her ass! He slowly (almost looks carefully) sliding in and out of Doreen’s ass, mother sitting on his face, leaned over licking her pussy. The fact that she was that I watched it, it was a little daunting … but very exciting at the same time. Andy also participates standing on a provisional set of steps to achieve the appropriate height. He also was similarly skewering ass mom … which again was another unexpected revelation. Obviously, my own parents were pulling out all the stops here!

It is not too surprising that Bella started to take off her clothes. “Hurry David, get your clothes, I want to come when they do!” She informed me. The night was tiring and exhausting … but even if they had, the view from my parents so viciously employed as they were sent to a renewed surge of excitement coursing through me almost immediately. This is a look at Bella now there is cupping one of her breasts, toying with him … her other hand between her legs fingering herself. Just to see her work, which never failed to make me hard, no matter how tired I was

I went for the placement of my now hard cock against the soft strength of her ass. She leaned forward, put her hands on the sliding glass door. It was interesting, in a weird way, to see her make that one look over anyone, and they could clearly see us, just as clearly as we could see. But as I’ve decided already, especially now … I do not care. It was strangely erotic … so maybe … but it just was.

“You know what I want … so do it.”

See what’s happening inside the day, I did. Bella is already used their own juices, delete the N and even if she was, I still spit focus on pen resting against my ass, adding further lubrication on it before putting the tip gently against her tight puckered little hole.

“Do not be gentle with me,” she said indignantly, urgently. “Trust me … I’m ready. Gimme that!”

I granted her wish. I hugged her, felt her sphincter surround, grab a slightly resist penetration, and then I pushed, burying the entire length of my penis inside her in one quick thrust. Bella moaned deeply, screaming … no pain, but in pure pleasure. I held still, however, allows me to feel, to get used to the sudden fullness of my penis buried in her stomach. I felt her clench around me, squeezed me.

“Fuck me David … fuck me … fuck my hot tight ass!”

I started doing just that, the two of us observe their parents along with Andy and Doreen room for them as the four of them have now started to race to the finish line inside. Obviously, look at the faces of all those present, how contorted in ecstasy, pleasure … lust. Like dominoes falling after one of them came, someone else to join them. The same effect is occurring out here. I did not expect it of course, I climaxed several times in one evening than I thought possible … and yet, that all too familiar tingling grabbed my balls, as well as Bella ass, he grabbed me again, clamping down … called again, this time in orgasmic bliss.

I filled her ass almost to bursting.


I rolled out of bed the next morning just before ten, who slept much. But on the other hand … I needed it. Thank God it was Saturday. After taking care of business early in the morning, I tossed in a light dressing gown and opened the door to my room to go to much needed morning cup of coffee. As I did, I noticed, of course, that the door to Bella’s room was open, and wondered how I saw it when in reality somehow still managed to go on her morning run. Somehow I knew that … yet, but where I have all the energy I had no idea. I could barely walk, as it were, my penis actually a little tender this morning.

I went through the open door, Doreen only then leaned Bella bed fluffing pillows have just made it. She was not wearing any panties. I just shook her head and continue, not wanting to interrupt her plan, but felt almost painful throbbing of my penis after realizing that.

“Coffee,” I said. “More important than pussy right now,” I said even chastised himself.

As I approached, I heard voices coming from the kitchen. Speaking in low tones even when they are apparently heard my approach, as moments later I entered the room. Mom and Bella sitting at the kitchen table, they were silent, waiting for me … but maybe the fact that neither of them said anything when I did beams. Not too surprisingly Irene was not there. This time of day, she undoubtedly already out doing Saturday shopping.

“Good morning,” I said to both of them, leaned over and kissed his mother and kissed me back, and then Bella, he also did before heading to the counter for that much needed cup. I stood fill, not one of them still talk turned to face the two of them. “Ok … what’s happening?, You two look like you’ve just eaten the canary together.”

I made a pretty good idea though. My birthday was in less than three weeks, I was expecting and anticipating something of this kind, my mom always trying to surprise me, even though I was mostly aware of what is going on. She found an ally and wife to what it was that was up. That … or Bella.

“No birds … just a cat,” Bella said snickering. Mom blushed, but she giggled upon hearing it.

“Someone once told me that pussy tasted like chicken … not even when it does?” Now he answered back, laughing even more, a little surprised Belle with her return.

“Another bird … no, not hardly,” he burst out laughing Bella that. “But you’re making me hungry … and not for food either!”

“Good God!” Cried I stood there watching the two of them giggling hysterically in seizures. I think they were both a little slaphappy of their adventures the night before.

“If I. .. on the table?” Mom continued, forcing me to raise an eyebrow at her when she said that.

“I’d like that,” he teased back Bella. Looking as if he could actually do that and I stood there.

“Ok, I know what you’re doing,” interjected myself. “Are you trying to leave me and trying to embarrass me on that … so you two can plan what your plan is no doubt, on my birthday.”

“Whatever gave you that idea?” She asked my mom trying to look serious, but she was also having a hard time still trying to contain his laughter. “I just thought you’d be too embarrassed to see your mother was here spread out on the kitchen table, while Bella has a small morning snack!”

I rolled my eyes at that one. “Bella, I think you’ve created a monster here … and she’s my mom. A further too, come to think of it … and where the dad is?” I noticed his car was still sitting in the driveway outside. “It’s usually out on the golf course now?”

“I think that your fathers have played around this morning,” she giggled hysterically again, laughing at her own joke. In fact … even recorded a hole in one! “This time the bubble burst, laughing hysterically, as was Bella.

I shook my head, poured more coffee into his cup and immediately headed out to the terrace. Apparently it was their intention to leave me … and when trying to embarrass me on that one way does not work. But their sudden slaphappy silly it.

“Okay … back to whispers, or diddling each other, no matter what your intentions were before I came out.’ll Leave you two alone so you can get back to talking about what it was … without interruption!” And with that, I went out, not quite fully what closed the sliding door when I heard my mom.

“Meow … here kitty, kitty … kitty,” another giggle … more laughter. And then the sound of Bella chairs back and stood up. “Table work for you, then?”

“More than” Mom said with a completely different sound suddenly the tone of her voice.

It is true I was tempted to see if they were now seriously … or just pulling your leg. But I was honestly too tired still, and although still fragile. A thought as she woke up so early no matter … would honestly made me in. I sat drinking coffee, have heard the voices again, except for a laugh here and there. I sat cup on the table, took off his cloak and went out towards the pool. Maybe I was not ready to start running naked in the morning, but at least I could do was just a few laps.


I did not swim as many laps as I normally did, soon after he climbed out of the pool goes inside again. No one was in the kitchen this time when I started to head to my room, but not before looking over at the table. It was lifted completely off!

“No way!” I said, and then stopped by adding … “OK, maybe.” Then I laughed figure above walking around Bella’s bedroom door open at the sound of the shower running. Which is when I again heard laughter coming from her. “Ok … sure,” I amended. It was my mom laugh, I heard, along with Bella. They were apparently in the shower together. Can not help it, I walked in the door to the bathroom was open as well, although this time I just called to them. “You two have fun there?”

“I already did that!” Bella responded. “But do not go away … come here!”

I with my mom there with her, I was not about to turn around and leave. Perhaps, in fact, only a shower together to do anything else … although it would surprise me. They actually were standing there washing each other’s hair by the appearance of it.

“What do you need?” I asked. Shower was still opaque and steamed up so much that I really could not see much of anything until it’s a little more fully. Then I could … two of them naked, smiling from ear to ear.

“I wonder what your plans were for the day,” she asked.

“Catching on to some more sleep,” I thought … but he said instead. “Actually, no, what are your plans?”

Mom was standing right behind her now foaming shampoo into the hair. Even a simple act like it was … I felt strangely excited by it. Maybe because it was my own mother with her perhaps … and yes, the fact that they were both naked, even though I tried very hard not to look and treat it as one more thing that is going to become normal here.

“I want to see something new. Goto somewhere, do something fun. Saw very little space here, so it was kind of hoping that maybe you take it for a ride or something,” she said.

“What Catalina?” Mom suddenly suggested. Which honestly was good, I actually considered that a few days ago, when we had time.

“Where is it, and how do we get there?” She asked.

“Usually on a ship … more fun that way,” her mother said. “As a matter of fact, Harold and I were just discussing that last night with the fact that we really wanted to go back there soon. Tam is really nice fish restaurant I think you would.”

“But I love it!” Bella shouted excitedly. “So where we catch the boat?”

“My No. We have one,” I told her. The look in her eyes said it all.

“You have a boat?”

I laughed. “Yeah, you’re not the only one who’s a secret surprise,” I said with a laugh. But it really is not my boat … it’s more like mom and dad. “

“It’s a family boat,” and then my mom said when she started rinsing with Bella hair. “And speaking of which, after we’re done here, I’ll wake him … see if I would be interested in heading there this afternoon … spend the night again, like we used to do. I missed it that. “

“Spend a night on the ship?” He asked again, Bella excitedly. “Really? Could we?”

“Sure … we do it all the time.”

She thought about that for a moment, “Just how big is this ship anyway?”

“More than forty feet,” I informed her.

Her eyes widened at that. “It’s not the ship: it is a boat!”

“Almost,” I agreed, “but it’s actually called Yacht think. Least that is big enough and comfortable enough to enjoy a beautiful trip along the coast in it, with lots of amenities. And I agree with my mom, it was a while since then we take it out … I’m sure my father would like to take the four of us up there! “

“Go wake your father,” and then my mom said. “And then tell Irene, if it is back to give us pack some food for the journey, and let her know that you will not have to worry about food tonight, or even tomorrow., I’m sure he will be glad to negotiations. Shoo now. .. go get dressed, get your father … we will be in a minute or so, “she said suddenly cupping Bella’s breasts as she stood behind her. “It’s up to her to to me now,” she added, winking.

I let you know if I wanted to … one thing or the other.


My dad was so excited as everyone else when he found out my mom wanted the four of us to Catalina for the weekend. Irene packed us more than enough food for them along with us, and of course the father was included in a case of wine for us to enjoy as well, especially when we now have another one. We packed light and simple, of course, girls wearing bikinis is … mom hotel. It’s the first time in the recent past, I actually recalled seeing her wear what could be called officially, unlike the modest two-piece. My dad was more than happy to see her in it, as well as, of course, Bella, who’s bikini was almost non-existent … something that would seem to be more likely to wear or not to wear beaches in Europe. We all packed one set of relatively nice clothes, but nothing formal or elaborate dinner that evening after our arrival. But beyond that … nothing.

It was a beautiful calm day as well, bright and sunny with almost against the wind at all. The seas around as calm and serene as I ever saw, when we finally set off early in the afternoon. As he usually did, my dad set at an angle, pointing to the sea, as well as a tour of the coast. About time we had a problem with it at all on the coast, corrected course and began heading due north.

“I think we are far enough out that no one will see us one thing, so if the girls want to go ahead and get topless, I do not think David and I look at that too much!”

“Topless hell … I’m starting naked!” Mom said even surprising, Bella, how easily slipped out of the bikini when Bella did too seconds after that. I stood next to her father in the cabin watching the girls as they then went aft to the relatively spacious terrace we had just that. Sunbathing.

“Now I can not get sunburned,” my father warned. “You know what happened the last time you actually took the top Grace, I could not touch the goats over a week!”

“Do not worry darling … I’ll make sure I have lots and lots of sunscreen on them this time,” she said, then turned to Belle. “You of course will help me with it?”

Bella was only too happy to save it … and vice versa. Soon after I left your father and went back to sit with the girls, now the smell of the open sea, feel the spray as we raced along at a fairly good clip, makes just under twenty-five knots.

“You can come to us? Or ogle us?” Bella asked with a smile.

“A bit of both really,” I openly admit, I’m starting to get used to my mom running around naked all the time, I’m so much as it once bothered.

“He’s still wearing those?” She then asked, looking at my swimsuit.

“I thought it would be better, yeah … I do not want to get that tanned, atop a small menu today.”

Mom laughed. “Mr. Wiggly have a hard night then?” She laughed a little more.

“Mr. Wiggly ..?” I said, looking at Bella. She would have called me several times when we ended up fucking when I was completely and totally exhausted … when she literally drained me the ability to get it back, holding it in his hand, flipping back and forth like a rag doll. Of course, I talked to my mom about our adventures!

“I’d be more than happy to put lots of sunscreen on it for you,” he told me Bella. “You know … that’s all nice and slippery, gooey … and completely protected against the sun?”

“I think it needs protection from you,” I said teasingly as impressed as I felt it actually stiffen a little at the thought.

“No, it is not fair then. You can not be here watching us … if we can at least be looking at you … now Grace?”

I was shocked when my mom smiled and nodded. “No. .. I think you’re right, Bella. Only naked people are allowed here at this end of the ship.” My mom came to the conclusion that even though I was pretty sure he was just joking and not all that serious. Especially when I looked at the two of them, and at once began removing my swimsuit off.

“Okay … here, you happy now?”

I came out of my trunks kicking them off to the side. Certainly nowhere near erect, I just stood there in all my glory deflated.

“Very …” smiled Bella. “And now … Come here, let me put some of it on to you!”

“Yeah, yeah,” I said, then reached out and grabbed my dick, I almost pulled the legs, I poured a liberal amount of sunscreen on my shaft and started to work it in. I felt my face turning red, clear, of course, wrong. Which I really minded so much … but damn, my mom was sitting there!

“Bello!” I said weakly, unable to do much of anything, as my penis began to slowly rise.

“Do not move!” She said she continued to stroke is now opposed to mere rubbing cream into it. “I’m sure your mother does not mind … you Grace?”

“Oh … not at all. Actually, I quite enjoy it,” she said, in fact, looking at my cock as it hardened quickly. “As a matter of fact, I once went to him when he was jerking off years ago,” she said.


“Really?” Bella laughed. “Do not say it!”

“Bella’s mother!”

But then she started to do just that, tells of the day when they happen in my bedroom, I lay there in the middle of the bed, Penthouse and Playboy magazines spread out all over the place and I was sitting right on the throes of orgasm. So shocked to see me like this, she just stood there, I do not even know that she was there when I close my eyes, only then basking in delight as my cock exploded. My mom saw the whole thing.

“What to watch it again?” Asked Bella.


“… Of course I would!”


It is true that it was crazy … I stood on the deck, Bella gives me a hand job before my mom when I had to hold the railing as she was when we hit a few waves that sent me flying otherwise. I had to admit that it felt good though … smoothness hands, sunscreen, slightly decadent and immoral sound as if stroking my shaft back and forth, up and down, until the inevitable happened. Bella is sure to catch most, if not all of it against her breasts, too, so that other somewhat obscene spectacle of herself.

“Here, let me,” Mom said moments after she began to rub his own brand of cream into Bella’s chest. “I can not imagine it will protect much … but it sure feels nice,” she said, and then added. “David, why do not you spell his father for a while, I think I could use a little more grease on my chest as well!”

Will She Learn

The day was finally done and Dawn wanted to get home. It was Wednesday and Master always emailed her one Wednesday. She ran into the house and sat down in front of the computer, waiting impatiently for it to sign on. Finally, she got to her mail and sure enough, there it was. When she opened it, she really had a surprise.

Slave, after our last meeting I have decided that you have not been concentrating on your training or have chosen not to comply with it. You have ignored most of what you should do. I am very disappointed in you. Tomorrow you will arrange to have the full weekend off. Starting on Friday night and going until Sunday evening. Before you go to bed tonight you will go and buy adult diapers, a dog dish and a plastic shower curtain.

For 48 hour you will be trained, punished, humiliated, and what ever else I feel like I want to do to you to pleasure me. You will have no control or say in anything that goes on. Let us see how much you trust me. NO SAFE WORD!

You will receive a package, delivered to you tomorrow at home. You will open the package and an envelope will be at the top of the box. You will open the envelope and follow the directions.

You must now decide if you are willing to give yourself completely to me or not. It must be your decision if you want this relationship to go on. Email me with a simple yes or no. Master

She could not believe what she was reading. She knew that she had been a brat but did not realize that she had pushed that hard. She trusted Master with her life and did not want to loose him. The first thing she did was email him back with a yes. She was excited and cared to death.

First she made sure that the weekend was open, and then decided that she had better go shopping. All the while she was picking up what she needed she just kept getting wetter and more scared.

Thursday, after work she ran home to see if the package was there. Sure enough, there it was. Her hands shook as she sat down and opened it. A big package, she could not imagine what was in it. On the very top of the box was an envelope that read, “READ ME FIRST!” She opened it and it read, “As of right now you will do nothing to get ready for this weekend. I hope you have not been shaving as you were instructed. You are not allowed to touch your self in any way. You will now take everything out of the package and line it up on the table in this order. Clamps, dildos, butt plugs, paddles, whips, dog dish, enema bag, diapers, cuffs, blindfold and spreader bar. There is another envelope at the bottom of the box. DO NOT OPEN IT! You will do that tomorrow when you get home from work. Master.

It was amazing what she was taking out of the box. There were clamps of all kinds that she laid out in a neat row. Dildos and butt plugs in all sizes. This scared her a little bit but she arranged them from smallest to largest. There was a wood paddle with a heart cut out in the center. There were small whips and larger ones. She felt the soft ones and the rougher ones as she laid them down. Dawn did not realize that there were so many kinds of cuffs but put them neatly in their place. She found a ball gag, blindfold and an enema bag that frightened her. This is something that she had always used but never in front of another person. She had the feeling that being a brat was not going to be worth it. At the bottom of the box were an expandable spreader bar and the other envelope. She wondered what it said and if she really wanted to know.

As she left for work on Friday morning, she was wet before she ever got to the car after looking everything over. At work, she received a phone call from Master. He told her to check her email as soon as she got home. It was all he said. She hurried home after work and checked the mail. She opened it and read,

“This is your last chance to stop. If you do not want to continue, put everything back in the box, lock the door and it is done. If you decide to continue, read the instructions in the second envelope. Master.

Dawn knew that there was no stopping now. She took the envelope, gave a deep sigh, and started reading.

“You have opened this and have completely given up control over everything you do for the next 48 yours. You will now put on ankle cuffs and attach them to the spreader bar. Insert a butt plug into your ass. Make sure that it is big enough that you will not loose it. Put clamps on your nipples, the ones with the chain connecting them. They had better not come off if I pull on them. Put on the wrist cuffs, the gag and then the blindfold. You will be on the floor with you head between your hands with you ass in the air at 5:00 o’clock. You will not be allowed to speak or make any kind of noise until I give you permission to do so. Master.

She knew that this was going to be a weekend that would change her life forever. Would she be Master’s forever or be alone again? She looked at everything lined up and wondered just what she was really in for. It was 4:00 o’clock; she decided that she had better get to moving. She had already up set Master and did not want to mess up again. She did not think that she could stand him telling her again that he was disappointed in her.

She walked over and picked up the clamps, butt plug, cuffs, spreader bar, blindfold and gag. The feeling of being scared and excited almost over whelmed her. She took a hurried shower and started getting ready.

It was a real struggle to get the butt plug in, but had to have one big enough that it would not come out and get her in more trouble. She got the ankle cuffs on, attached them to the spreader bar. That put an end to most movement right there. After she got the wrist cuffs on, she looked at the nipple clamps. She decided that she might as well get it done. The pain shot through her as she clamped on the first one and then the other one.

All that was left was the gag and blindfold. She finally got the gag on and fastened down. She looked at the clock; it was ten minutes to five. She put the blindfold on and got into position. She knew that this weekend was going to change her life forever.

Dean was thinking that maybe he was going to far. After all, she had told him at the beginning that it was very hard for her to give up control and follow rules. He thought, “I have really been patient and not demanded too much. She just was not trying at all, even to the smallest things.”

The last time they were together, she was intentionally being a brat. He loved her so much. He knew he was not giving her what she truly needed or wanted, even if she did not think so. She had to learn that he only wanted the best for her and could give more than she had ever dreamed of, if she would just give him the chance.

He looked at his watch and it was 4:45. Just a few minutes and he would be there starting a journey that he hoped lasted the rest of his and hers lives. He wondered if the box would be out side the door with the door locked or would he be permitted to enter. If she only knew how much control, she really had. Dean parked the car. There was not a box at front of the door. With a sigh of relief, he started up the walk.

He opened the door and saw everything all lined up as it should be. There she was in the middle of the floor, just as she was ordered. He could tell that she was very tense. He walked around her and knew that this had to be done or it was over. He never said a word. He reached down and felt her pussy. It was as wet as could be. She jumped from the tension and he immediately slapped her ass and said, “You were given instructions not to move until I gave you permission to do so.” He could tell she wanted to move but did not. He told her to sit up. He helped her to get up and sit on her bottom. She did not look comfortable sitting on the butt plug.

He pulled the chain between the nipple clamps they stayed on. She made a small moan but did not move. He reached down, removed one clamp, kissed the nipple and massaged it as he knew that the blood coming back into the nipple was painful. He then released the other one and helped her though the pain again. He said, “You have earned a break from those. Now slut, you know why we are here, that you made the decision to do this.” I am going to help you stand up. She was thinking that this was not so bad.

After she stood up Master had her bend over the table and cuffed her hands to the legs in front of her. He attached the spreader bar to the back legs. Now bitch, by the end of this weekend, you will know how to obey rules or be afraid to break them. I have a cane in my hand. You are going to get five swats with it. This is so you know what it feels like and know that when you mess up that is what you are going to get. Do you understand? She shook her head yes. The greatest fear she had was being spanked with a cane.

All she heard was a swish and felt a terrible sting on her ass. She was waiting on another one, but it did not come. You will be on your hands and knees at all times unless told other wise. Do you understand? She shook her head yes, and another whack. The tears started running. Whatever order you are given, you will follow immediately without hesitation. Smack. She did not think she could handle another one. She was not sure how many she had already had. You are nothing, you do not obey rules, you do not try to get through whatever is going on, and you do not keep your hands out of your pussy and cum whenever you want to. The swish and the terrible pain again. Remember this. Hope that you do not have any more. Let us see if you can become something that I can be proud of and you will feel good in your accomplishments. Whack! She thought that she was going to pass out.

The next thing she knew Master was rubbing the welts, helping her to calm down. All of a sudden, he pulled away and she felt so alone. She heard the door close and did not know what to think. In a little bit she heard the door open with a lot of rattling and banging. She felt Master undoing her wrists, then her ankles from the spreader bar. He helped her stand up and get her balance.

He told her that he was going to take out the gag, but that she was not to say a word or make any noise. Master hands her a bottle of water, tells her to drink it all. After she drinks the water he puts the gag back in, tells her to get ready for the nipple clamps. After he attaches the clamps, he tells her to lie on the floor.

Once on the floor she feels him bind her ankles together, then her thighs. He then sticks a vibrator in her hands and tells her that she has to fuck herself with it. She is allowed to turn it on and off, but she is not allowed to cum or it means the cane again. She cannot have the vibrator off for more that 30 seconds at a time. As she nods her head yes, she hears a knock at the door. “OH MY GOD!” she thinks.

Master answers the door and invites someone in. All she could do was lay there with a vibrator in her pussy, masturbating herself or face the cane again. They came into the room, she heard a strange voice say, “Nice floor decoration, but a little noisy.” Yes, it cannot keep its hands out of her pussy and it cums all of the time without permission. Now she has the choice of either doing this, or not Cumming, or cum and get 50 strokes with the cane. So far the bitch is doing well, the stranger asked Dean if he thought that she would ever learn? He answered either that or a sore ass. Would you like a beer?

They sat down to enjoy their beers. She heard her Master tell the other man that he had been having problems training his slut and now she was either going to learn or maybe him or one of the other guys would like to have her. Dawn thought her heart had stopped. She loved her Master and could not fail this. “Bitch, you aren’t Cumming are you?” She shook her head no, though she was about ready to explode.

Master asked his friend if he would help him set up whatever he had brought into the house. The friend said that he would be more than happy to. She heard all the noise, but had no idea what was going on. When they finished Master took the vibrator and was getting ready to say something when there was another knock at the door.

Master answered the door and told who ever it was that he was glad to see them. She heard a couple of strange voices as Master came in, told her to put her hands over her head. She immediately did as she was told. One of the guys told the rest of them that she is not too bad but sure had a hairy pussy. “She was lazy and didn’t think that she had to shave for awhile so I forbid her to do so. We will take care of that and clean out her ass in a little while.”

Master told one of the guys to take the clamps off her tits as they had been on for a while. One of the guys did, she screamed into the gag. Master came over and told her what a worthless bitch she was. He had not given her permission to make any noise at all. She heard people moving around and felt the guys picking her up and bending her over the table again.

Her wrists were attached together, and then attached to the table. She then felt her thighs being strapped to the table. One of the guys said that he thought her ass would look real nice if she had a heart on each cheek. Master told him that if he wanted to he could sure put them there. She felt a horrible smack on each cheek. Master said that they looked nice. They should last for a while. He then reached down, pulled the butt plug out of her ass. She wanted to scream, but had learned a lesson.

They then turned her over on the table; spread her legs as far apart as they could get them. Then they fastened them to the table. One guy made the comment, “That she sure liked to have her ass beat or she wouldn’t be so wet.” One of the other guys said that they should get that pussy cleaned up so they could see how wet she really was. She was so ashamed that she had neglected to shave before her last session. Master had told her that she was not allowed to shave at all. Now here were strangers doing what she should have done, embarrassing her Master because she had not done it.

This one has fat cunt lips; her clit does not look to bad either. One of them said, “I think that one of the clamps on the table would look good decorating her clit.” The next thing she knew there were clamps being placed on her out side lips and her clit. She heard Master tell the guys to turn her over again. One of them said that the hearts still looked nice. She felt the guys pull her ass checks apart and start shaving around her ass hole. There was not a hair anywhere when they finished. One of the guys said that she should remember to shave when that started growing out. She did not realize that this was only the beginning.

Master said that since they had this much cleaned up they might as well get it all done before dinner. She was really hoping that did not mean what she thought it did but it was. One of the guys asked if they needed this, she heard yes. She heard water running and knew what was coming.

Would someone spread the shower curtain on the floor for me? She was taken off the table, told to get on her hands and knees. She was then told to crawl straight ahead until she was told to stop. When she was told to stop, someone reached down pulled off all the clamps on her pussy. She wanted to cry out, but was starting to learn a few lessons and did not.

She crawled onto the curtain and was told to get into the same position that she had started the evening out with. She immediately did as she was told. The next thing that she knew, someone was pushing something into her ass. They inflated the bulb so that there was not a chance of an accident.

She felt the water starting to flow inside of her. She felt the cramps starting and thought they would stop. It kept going until she thought that she was going to explode. “Now bitch, are you enjoying this?” She shook her head no. He said, “Good, just stay that way for awhile.” She felt the blindfold getting wet from her tears but did not make a sound.

Dean and his friends decided that they would start the grill and get dinner started. They were all laughing and joking around having a grand old time. Master decided that it was time to let his slave have a little relief. He went back in, stood her up, and walked her to the bathroom. He sat her on the toilet and told her that it was time for her to get rid of everything inside of her. She thought that she would be alone for a little bit and have a little privacy. Master called in his friends; let the air out of the bulb. She had no choice but to expel everything with all of them watching. She was so humiliated she wished that she could disappear. They all laughed and made many rude comments.

They made her go through this two more times before they decided that she was clean. Master decided that his guests were getting hungry. He needed to put his sub away for a little while. He made her crawl into the living room again. There he cuffed her wrists together, attached them to the hook in the ceiling. She felt the spreader bar being put back on. All of a sudden, the nipple clamps were put back on her tits. Master walked around her and noticed the hearts on her ass were fading. He asked one of the guys if they mind putting them back on again. She felt a sting on both ass cheeks. They left laughing, she heard them out on the deck having a good time and eating dinner.

Dinner was done. Dean asked his friends if they were ready to go in and see if the slut was doing ok. They all said yes and went in to see what was going to happen next.

She heard voices coming in, felt them take the spreader bar off and take her down from the ceiling. They separated the cuffs. As soon as they let her go, she was down on her hands and knees. The bitch is learning. Master took the gag out, took off the blindfold. She looked straight at the floor and did not move. Master told her that her food was under the table in the kitchen. She had permission to go and eat it.

She found the dog dish with her dinner in it. She ate it and just stayed on her hands and knees until Master came in. He gave her a bottle of water, told her to drink it all. He rubbed her ass and told her that the hearts looked nice. She forgot her place, told him “Thank you, Sir.” He said, “I guess that you are never going to learn.” He attached a leash to the chain on the clamps and led her into the living room. “This dumb cunt hasn’t learned anything. She just spoke with permission.”

Each one of you can pick what ever you would like to use off the table and give her 20 swats with it. “Bitch, since you like to talk you have my permission to count each stroke, thank the person for giving it to you and ask for another one. When they are done, you will then get the cane from me. If you mess up on the count at any time it will add to what I give you.”

The first man picked up a small whip and started. She got through it without making a mistake. Master stood in front of her; all she could see was his shoes. He told her to calm down, drink some water and get ready for the next one.

The second guy decided that he would use one of the crops. She counted, thanked him and asked for more, with the tears flowing down her cheeks. Again, Master stood in front of her and asked her if she was getting any smarter? He gave her some more water, and then the third man came up.

He had chosen the wooden paddle with the heart in it. He told Master, “I will decorate her ass for you.” When he was done, she did not think that she could take anymore. Master was again in front of her. He told her that she had messed up on two numbers. That meant that she would get the cane 22 times. He said that it could wait for a while though; he had other chores for her to do now. She just knelt there looking at the floor, not saying a word waiting for her next instructions.